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Flying Pig!?
On Monday June 4, 2018 early morning a pig was spotted on top of the Eiffel Tower. There were several witnesses that saw this pig. One person said she thought it was just a bird then she looked closer and she was shocked she could not believe her eyes. The question that everyone has been asking is how did that pig get there in the first place.
Did it fly, did it climb? The local fire department came to try and get it down they said they had never seen a pig on top of anything taller than 3 feet. The firefighters got to the top of the Eiffel tower to get the pig but when they got up there the pig jumped off!! There it goes flying away amazed faces all around. This pig could be anywhere so please If you see it make sure to call animal control right away. We want to find this pig so we can take care of it and reproduce it so the animal doesn't just die out we want more of there ‘ magnificent creatures.

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Leading lines

In these pictures I used leading lines. In the picture of the ball I decided to put the ball on the deck because the deck has lines and the side of the house also has lines. For the second picture I took a picture of a frog statue on the patio because there are also many lines that lead to the object. I like how these pictures came out and I like the idea of leading lines in pictures.

Rule of Thirds

In these images I used the Rule Of Thirds by taking a picture of a object and making it so the camera was not just looking at the objects but it also had the things around it. As you can see I took a picture of a basket ball hoop and a shed. I liked these pictures because the lighting gave these 2 pictures a different look. Instead of taking the photos when it was very bright out I did  it when the sun was going down.

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