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Leading lines

In these pictures I used leading lines. In the picture of the ball I decided to put the ball on the deck because the deck has lines and the side of the house also has lines. For the second picture I took a picture of a frog statue on the patio because there are also many lines that lead to the object. I like how these pictures came out and I like the idea of leading lines in pictures.

Rule of Thirds

In these images I used the Rule Of Thirds by taking a picture of a object and making it so the camera was not just looking at the objects but it also had the things around it. As you can see I took a picture of a basket ball hoop and a shed. I liked these pictures because the lighting gave these 2 pictures a different look. Instead of taking the photos when it was very bright out I did  it when the sun was going down.

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Point of View

I Decided to take pictures of my dog. I chose these pictures because I like how they are all different in some sort of way. The picture that I think came out the best would be the first one. In this picture I am laying on the ground trying to get a low point of view. I like this picture because it makes my dog look like a queen and she looks so much higher up than she actually is.